Friday, June 22, 2018

The Ride

In response to Friday Fictioneer Jun 22 2018

"I can drop in off in my bike", Buddy replied as Uncle Carlos handed him over the large cake nicely wrapped in a box.

"You will mess my decoration", Uncle Carlos argued handing him over a ticket for the boat.

"Do your customers never smell anything fishy in your cakes?" retorted Buddy.

Uncle Carlos always preferred the steady and slow boat to deliver his delicious cakes. The slow ride kept the cake together, he said.

Buddy hated the rides. The stream was stinky and contaminated. The boat was not clean. He wondered what was in the other rusty boxes.


Dale said...

Now I'm wondering what's in the other rusty boxes... ewwww

Penny Gadd said...

You tell your story clearly, and with some nice dialogue. I liked the line asking whether customers ever smelled anything fishy about the cakes.

Rochelle Wisoff-Fields said...

Dear Jaya,

What a contrast between delicious cakes and a smelly boat. Not sure I'd want my cakes to be delivered that way.



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