Tuesday, January 29, 2019

The Car

In response to Friday Fictioneer

"Look grandma," blurted the six year old as he ran to his grandma resting in her rocking chair.

"Aah, you got your grandpa's old stuff," said the grandma coughing. "Don't open it." she continued going into frantic cough.

"Wow," exclaimed the child. "It's a jigsaw puzzle."

The child dropped the pieces on the ground sending a whiff of dust. "Get a duster to dust."

"Look grandma," called the child putting the last puzzle piece.

"That's the car your grandpa drove last," grandma said solemnly. "What's that?" she asked squinting.

"The money bag is under the passenger seat," replied the child.

Friday, January 18, 2019

The Glass Door

In response to Friday Fictioneer


"Idiot, you got us into trouble," shouted the big brother.

"How's it my fault? You bowled so slow," defended the younger brother.

"You should have batted carefully, you silly goose. Quick help me fix it."

"What's going on down here?," said mom concernedly as she came down the stairs.

 "Everything is just  fine," said the big brother trying to stagger her.

She pushed him away to see the younger brother putting the last duct tape.

"How many times have I told you not to play inside?," screamed the mom annoyingly.

"At least it was a sixer," beamed the younger brother.

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

The Jar

In response to the Friday Fictoneer  

"Where have you been?," his mom asked with a concern. "Your little sister is looking for you," she continued handing him over the balloons. "Set them up quick."

He was tying the last balloon when he heard kids screaming down the front yard. Behind them was his friend.

They bumped their fists and the friend asked, "Did you get the credit card numbers?"

"Yup. I can't believe people still shop on unsecured sites. I put the note slips in the jar."

"Time for Musical Chair. The kid who goes out, performs what's in the note slip!", hollered his mom from the next room.

Friday, November 2, 2018

Chess Eyes

In response to Friday Fictioneer prompt, Nov 2 2018

"The little one wants to challenge me?" asked the Grand Master astonishingly.

The boy nodded his head.

"Ok. I will have lunch in 2 min before carrying on with rest of the schedule," Grand Master told the Chess tournament manager looking at the little boy whose height was smaller than the height of the chess pieces on the table.

The sharp eyes of the boy could see what the overconfident eyes of the Grand Master missed. At his level, he had a leverage which many did not realize.

"King Check," said the boy after 2 moves. "You may go for your lunch."

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Vantage Point

(In response to the Friday Fictioneer Oct 19 2018)

"Oh wow. I was not sure you will do it," Jane said looking at the photograph.

"Anything for you sweetheart," responded John brushing her soft hair.

"You fought your fear of heights for me?" Jane pulled John closer to hug.

"It was dreadful. I was sweaty. I swear I thought I would die but I will rather be a martyr in your eyes than a failure."

"Oh sweety, I should have never made you take the photo of the city from a vantage point. How silly of me?"

John hugged Jane tightly smiling at the vendor close by.

"Scenic postcards",  screamed the vendor walking away.

Sunday, July 15, 2018


In response to the Friday Fictioneer July 13 2018

"Dad, it's the scariest cruise that Mario and I have been saving the money for."

"Who needs to go on a cruise when the best thriller is in our front yard?"

Her dad hosted the most frightening enjoyable party in the neighborhood.

"Don't mix too much sugar into the rose water. Blood is not sweet", her dad said gingerly. She put on her vampire hood and went outside to keep the jar on the table. There she saw the recent addition her dad was bragging earlier.

"M..ar..io", she said taking a step towards the cage.

Monday, July 9, 2018

Lost and Found

In response to the Friday Fictioneer  on July 6 2018 

"M'am, did you see my leg", the tall guy asked smilingly as he hopped closer to me.

Seeing my perplexed look, he held out his hand revealing a new football covered with brown leather having "The Giants" printed on it.

"I was teaching my nephew to kick the football through the goal posts. I kicked it too lightly, sending my legs to fly off.

I looked around to see if I can help in any way.

"There it is, Uncle!", a little brat came running from behind. "Let's have an ice cream from Coldstone while grabbing your leg too."