Friday, May 18, 2018

The Boots

In response to Friday Fictioneer - May 18 2018

"I need to stop her from donating those."

Those boots belonged to her father, the best man to me. He used to walk me and talk to me daily.  I listened to all his work problems. Though I could never reply, I know I told him all his solutions.

I gave him the idea that made his book the best seller on Amazon.

I heard footsteps. Slowly I moved my paws and finally got my tail and rear legs stuck into the boots.

"Look Mommy, Puss in Boots!", her daughter screamed running towards me.

Monday, May 14, 2018

The Elephant

In response to Sunday Photo Fiction May 13 2018

"I wanna look like that little girl in the flower dress", baby elephant argued.

"Sweetheart, you look as cute", his mom replied softly.

"The other day, Leo and I did a race to the pond. When I finally made it near the water, I saw my reflection. It was horrible", the little eyes bulged to show the horrific discovery. "I was grey and sweaty with rough, wrinkled skin."

"Oh, sweety", his mom tried to hug him with her trunk.

"Leo has beautiful eyes and his yellow and black fur shines in the sun. Mine looks rugged after washing so much", he complained.

"Even Matt looks cute in spite of his monkeying around from tree to tree.", he continued."Is it because his mom keeps plucking his fur from his back? Then, there is Cathy, who chews all day with no exercise and she gets compliments too."

Just then, the little girl in the flower dress came running towards them, dragging her mom along. "Look, mom, a cute baby elephant."

Baby elephant blushed and moved closer to his mom.  "Happy Mother's day!", he said giving her a straw of grass.

Friday, May 11, 2018

The Photograph

In response to the Friday Fictioneer May 11 2018 

"I can't believe you did not think about this?", she exclaimed annoyingly.

"Wait, I am sure I will make it work", he said assuringly.

"You are expecting a treasury board having perfect eyesight to grant funds for developing cheap eyeglasses for $2?"

"This will be a huge hit in the developing countries. We would really help people to see."

"Sure, if you can get some help from the board", she replied gingerly.

He held the photograph and smiled," This will do."

On the photograph was printed, "Would you enjoy the Empire State if you saw it like this?"

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Hot Air Balloon

In response to Sunday Fictioneer

"Hey! Stop", Jerry's manager was running behind him.

"Really? Is he doing this for the orange I ate?"

Jerry got a part-time job in the cafeteria while pursuing his studies in the city college. He would have preferred the job in the lab or the library but those were already taken.

Working in the cafeteria was not bad. His manager was an obnoxious, short-tempered,  guy who always wore a white t-shirt and khaki shorts. He wore suspenders to ensure his belly bulges sat inside and his shorts don't fall off. It also had some perks. Jerry would sneak in a sandwich or a fruit, while his manager was looking away.

Jerry raced down the road behind the campus. The road led to a valley with sprawling green meadows.

He could hear his manager panting and puffing and slowing down. "I will see you tomorrow", he called out as he rested against a rock.

Jerry continued to jog down. The air was festive and he could hear laughter. The sky was kaleidoscopic with colorful balloons floating. "That's the balloon festival everyone was talking about", he exclaimed as he grabbed a rope to jump in.

Monday, May 7, 2018

The Stairs

In response to the Friday Fictioneer - May 4 2018

"Almost done", Aug205006  exclaimed excitedly to his sister over their video com. "This will help us run into safety if a zombie apocalypse from the Death Star happens."

"You believe in crazy things", Jan105003 replied, "I wanted to show you this from the e-library."

She came closer to the camera and was stunned at what she saw. "These stairs..."

"... will lead us to the capsule which will travel us to the new planet, Pluto", Aug205006 replied turning around to face her.

"Where did you ?"

"From the archives. Its a picture of Machu Pichu, which holds Lost city of Incas", she responded.

Thursday, April 26, 2018

The Overview

In response to Friday Fictioneer, Apr 27 2018 (

"Is this a joke? I need scenic overview shots of the hiking trail", my manager stormed into my cubicle.

He sat on the chair opposite to me with his flesh bulging out a bit on the sides.

"I hike here every weekend and I sent my favorite spot", I responded surprised.

"4 legs, rough skin,  open mouth, smoke, green fur."

"The image scanner app concluded that?"

"Yes. Did you upload a picture of an insect?", he asked.

"No." I swiped through my pictures in cellphone and stopped at an amazing shot.

"You get the best sunset view here", I responded.

Monday, April 23, 2018

The Chemistry Test

In response to Sunday Photo Fictioner (

"I need to do well",  I said to myself preparing my lab table.

Today was the last day of final exams. Tomorrow, I would be joining the "Pediatric Ophthalmologist for Techie Kids" as a technician. I really need to pass my chemistry lab test today to get my degree. The beakers and conical flasks rattled as I placed them on the table. The lab door squeaked open. I wiped my sweaty hands in a towel and put up my best smile. 

The examiner entered and shook my hands, "Wow, you are cold for a 90 degree weather outside."

He asked me to walk up to a table standing at the far end of the room. "Identify whats in the 3 glasses."

My brain had all the elements and compounds jumbled up.

I finally muttered, "The purple has potassium, the yellow solution is Sodium Chloride and the blue has copper." The examiner seemed pleased. So I continued, "The air pressure on the glasses put different weight due to volume of the solution and since the liquid is also evaporating, the solutions seems tilted."

He looked puzzled "Eh?"

"The tilt in the glasses, Sir"

"What tilt? You need your eyes examined".