Monday, April 23, 2018

The Chemistry Test

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"I need to do well",  I said to myself preparing my lab table.

Today was the last day of final exams. Tomorrow, I would be joining the "Pediatric Ophthalmologist for Techie Kids" as a technician. I really need to pass my chemistry lab test today to get my degree. The beakers and conical flasks rattled as I placed them on the table. The lab door squeaked open. I wiped my sweaty hands in a towel and put up my best smile. 

The examiner entered and shook my hands, "Wow, you are cold for a 90 degree weather outside."

He asked me to walk up to a table standing at the far end of the room. "Identify whats in the 3 glasses."

My brain had all the elements and compounds jumbled up.

I finally muttered, "The purple has potassium, the yellow solution is Sodium Chloride and the blue has copper." The examiner seemed pleased. So I continued, "The air pressure on the glasses put different weight due to volume of the solution and since the liquid is also evaporating, the solutions seems tilted."

He looked puzzled "Eh?"

"The tilt in the glasses, Sir"

"What tilt? You need your eyes examined".


Dahlia said...

Nicely done

Jaya said...

@Dahlia, Thanks. Glad you like it.