Thursday, April 26, 2018

The Overview

In response to Friday Fictioneer, Apr 27 2018 (

"Is this a joke? I need scenic overview shots of the hiking trail", my manager stormed into my cubicle.

He sat on the chair opposite to me with his flesh bulging out a bit on the sides.

"I hike here every weekend and I sent my favorite spot", I responded surprised.

"4 legs, rough skin,  open mouth, smoke, green fur."

"The image scanner app concluded that?"

"Yes. Did you upload a picture of an insect?", he asked.

"No." I swiped through my pictures in cellphone and stopped at an amazing shot.

"You get the best sunset view here", I responded.


Penny Gadd said...

Entertaining story. Ah, the perils of relying too much on software!

Rochelle Wisoff-Fields said...

Dear Evergreen,

That was quite a mental image of the flesh bulging out the sides. Nicely done.



Anonymous said...

I'm guessing he had the photo upside down.
Like Rochelle, I saw the bulging flesh. :) - Russell

Susan A Eames said...

Ha ha - it's amazing what can happen when technology goes wrong! Nice story.

Susan A Eames at
Travel, Fiction and Photos

Keith's Ramblings said...

If only we weren't so reliant on technology!

A-Z of My Friend Rosey! said...

Really good story. Well-written.

Linda said...

Had a hard time getting past that bulging flesh, but once I did I found it well worth the read :)

Subroto said...

Ha! Ha! That 'bulging flesh' seems to have left an impact on us all :-) Nice one.

Jaya said...

@Penny Gadd, Technology has its side effects. Thanks.

@Rochelle, Haha. Glad you enjoyed it.

@Russell, I guess more need to hike :) Thanks for stopping by.

@Susan, Glad you liked it.

@Keith, Yes. I wonder if Rosey will ever be :)

@Lisa, Thanks.

@Linda, :) Thanks.

@Subroto, :) Thanks.